Met criticised for trying to deflect publicity from discrimination case

Tribunal awards £37,000 to former PC Carol Howard, who was ‘bullied, harassed and victimised’.

Carol Howard’s tribunal was highly critical of the way the Metropolitan police dealt with her discrimination case. Photograph: Rex Features

Scotland Yard tried to deflect negative publicity surrounding the case of a police officer who had suffered race and sexual discrimination by releasing details of her arrests over a domestic dispute, employment tribunal judges have found.

Firearms officer PC Carol Howard received more than £37,000 after she was discriminated against for being a black woman.

Judges at Howard’s employment tribunal were highly critical of the way the Metropolitan police dealt with the case, calling for the force’s internal fairness at work scheme to be overhauled and highlighting the fact that Howard had not received an apology.

Howard said on Tuesday: “Today is not a day for celebration. I have been put through a two-year ordeal in which I have been bullied, harassed and victimised simply because of my gender and race. No amount of compensation will ever make up for the hurt and upset that I have been caused.

“Since I won my initial hearing, the Metropolitan police has failed to apologise to me or express any regret at the treatment I received. The only reaction from the police was to smear my name by releasing misleading details of my arrests.

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