Journalist digitally darkens skin color of important white Brazilians and foreigners for exhibit and is accused of using blackface

Another project of repercussion was the exhibition Exhibit B, where real black people were part of the show, using handcuffs, chains and shackles. All in the name of reflection by a racially conscious society. But how would black people feel about it? No one ever wonders.

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Black award ceremony honors mayor, wealthy descendant of slave owners, who has 72% disapproval rating in black community

The wealth of the candidate for mayor who, according to a UOL report, exceeds R$ 170 million, was not achieved with the sweat of his work, but with the sweat of the work of the 5.5 million black men and women enslaved in Brazil. This inheritance has been passed on and accumulated for generations until it reaches his bank account, which will have as its heir João Doria Neto, his son.”

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Even being on TV, actors speak about the prejudice they’ve experienced

Over the past decade I can say that there have a few positive changes of note in representations of black characters on Brazilian television networks, but by and large, at the same time, the channels continue to cling to tried and try stereotypes about the black Brazilian population.

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