Bookmaker Forced To Apologise After Posting Blackface Diane Abbott Tweet

The bookmaker originally attempted to defend itself, hitting back at Creasy: “This wasn’t some guerrilla marketing stunt Stella, one of our team attended on a social night out.
“We thought it was a very impressive attempt at fancy dress and merely shared it with our followers. Please stop taking things so seriously.”

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How white nationalists tapped into decades of pent-up racism to spark a movement

The term “alt-right” covers a loosely defined group whose far-right ideology includes racism, populism and white nationalism. It is embraced by white supremacists, who believe white people should dominate all other races, and white nationalists, who say whites are a distinct nation that needs special political and legal protections.

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Trump just rage-tweeted about a prominent African-American again

Let’s be clear about this: President Donald Trump regularly goes out of his way to attack prominent African-Americans not just to “stoke the culture wars,” as this euphemism often has it – but, more precisely, to stoke the sense among many of his supporters that the system is unfairly rigged on behalf of minorities, and that he’s here to put things right.

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