A Quiet Exodus: Why Black Worshipers Are Leaving White Evangelical Churches

Black congregants — as recounted by people in Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Fort Worth and elsewhere — had already grown uneasy in recent years as they watched their white pastors fail to address police shootings of African-Americans. They heard prayers for Paris, for Brussels, for law enforcement; they heard that one should keep one’s eyes on the kingdom, that the church was colorblind, and that talk of racial injustice was divisive, not a matter of the gospel. There was still some hope that this stemmed from an obliviousness rather than some deeper disconnect.

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Is Stone Mountain Memorial a Gigantic Tribute to White Supremacy?

Stone Mountain is the Mount Rushmore of the Confederacy, only bigger. So big, a stonecutter could duck out of a downpour inside a horse’s mouth. Robert E. Lee is as tall as a nine-story building. Jefferson Davis’ nose is the size of a sofa.

Some see the carving as a memorial to rebel heroes and those who fought and died defending the Southern way of life. Activist Richard Rose sees it as “the largest shrine to white supremacy in the history of the world.”

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Malcolm X Tells His Story in New Documentary Featuring Rarely and Never-Before-Seen Footage

So, she is pleased with the Smithsonian Channel’s one-hour documentary The Lost Tapes: Malcolm X, which tells the story of important years in the charismatic activist’s life in his own words. There’s no narrator or re-enactments—just media reports, rarely and never-seen footage—and the compelling voice of a man still seen by many as a controversial figure.

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Black Panther Mania: From Oakland to Wakanda

A promotional film poster released last summer depicting T’Challa, king of Wakanda, posed regally in an elaborate chair emphasized the overlap—earning immediate comparisons to one of the BPP’s most iconic images: co-founder Huey Newton enthroned on a wicker peacock chair gripping a spear in one hand and a shotgun in the other.

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White Nationalism Is Spreading In The Orthodox Community

Fifteen years ago, you might hear the word schvartze in synagogue. But you wouldn’t hear justifications for deporting black people to Africa. Today, you probably won’t hear a racial slur, at least, not without some sheepishness. But you will hear talking points that you could find on David Duke’s Twitter feed.

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