Africa deserves better than what Tillerson went to give

Turns out Rex Tillerson’s voyage to Africa was the trip of no return. His tenure as secretary of state is finally ending, but with a whimper. His last hurrah as the top U.S. diplomat came in the form of a half-baked tour to Djibouti, Kenya, Chad, Nigeria and Ethiopia — all key U.S. allies on security and counter-terrorism.

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China “gifted” the African Union a headquarters building and then allegedly bugged it for state secrets

The hack wasn’t detected until Jan. 2017 when technicians noticed that between midnight and 2 am every night, there was a peak in data usage even though the building was empty. After investigating, it was found that the continental organization’s confidential data was being copied on to servers in Shanghai.

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Africa’s Last Emperor – made in France

Bokassa gained political support and financial aid from Muammar al-Gaddafi and French president Valéry Giscard d’Estaing  who publicly stated he was “friend and family member”of Bokassas.  France offered military and financial backing in exchange for Uranium for their weapons programme and other resources.

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