Another Trump trade war, this time with Rwanda over clothes

The used clothes cast off by Americans and sold in bulk in African nations, a multimillion-dollar business, have been blamed in part for undermining local textile industries. Now Rwanda has taken action, raising tariffs on the clothing in defiance of U.S. pressure. In response, the U.S. says it will suspend duty-free status for clothing manufactured in Rwanda under the trade program known as the African Growth and Opportunity Act.

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Well-Off Whites Get The Biggest Housing Subsidies There Are

Last month, Forbes contributor Chris Ladd indicated how many social benefits, like retirement savings and healthcare, were provided by employers and yet subsidized by taxpayers. If you have a job that provides good health insurance, then your employer pays the majority portion. You don’t pay taxes on your part and your employer gets to deduct its share of the coverage from taxes. In other words, it’s a tax subsidy. Ladd calls this white socialism, an apt phrase.

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